Nicola Dexter

I am Nicola Dexter, a qualified and experienced Stress Management Consultant and Hypnotherapist since 1992

Accredited with  International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

Member of International Hypnotherapy Association(IHA)

Nicola is available:-

  • Face to face in Camden, London
  • Face to face in Derby and Nottingham
  • Virtually over Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp

About Me

“Hello and welcome to my website. I am Nicola Dexter, a qualified and experienced Stress Management Consultant and Hypnotherapist since 1992″

My mission is to express my compassion, love and sense of humour to my clients by giving the best therapy I can give, by having high integrity and living the way I recommend to my clients. My aim is to help you – my clients to see life in a more empowering and lighthearted way and for you to love your lives. I can help you resolve issues and treat problems which have been holding you back, work with you to create goals for your future and support you so you can achieve them.

  • How do I do this? By using classic and cutting-edge therapeutic techniques with passion, enthusiasm and confidence.
  • The result? Many happy clients around the world who have the lives they want and deserve.
  • Please take some time to look around my site and see how I can help you.
+44 7711 462923


Anger Management
Whether you have problems of anger in your relationship, at work, with your family or just generally feel angry, it can be reduced.
Stress Management
Whether you are working and stressed or unable to work, stress levels can be reduced through hypnosis techniques.
Panic/Anxiety Treatment
With the right treatment, panic and anxiety can be reduced to manageable levels and allow you to live a normal life again.
Fears/Phobia Treatment
Hypnosis techniques are recognised as the most successful ways of removing or reducing unnecessary fears and phobias.
Depression Treatment
Working to resolve the root causes of your depression using hypnosis techniques means that it is possible to be lifted out of it to be happier.
Improving Self-Esteem and Confidence
With support, you can feel better about yourself, have more confidence and be able to perform better at work, get a promotion or attract a partner.
Insomnia treatment
Sleeping problems can either be treated using hypnosis techniques or from having sessions on the NeurOptimal brain training machine .
Resolving relationship problems
Whether you are single and don’t want to be, need help getting over a break up or just want to have a happier relationship, hypnosis techniques can help.
30 Minutes

Free initial consultation

One session
An hour of therapy - £ 100
Five sessions
For the price of four - £400 (if paid in advance)
Half price sessions
For unemployed/low wages - £50

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