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The therapeutic techniques include as many of the following as necessary

Results with other clients

I have had hundreds of clients deal successfully with relationship issues and the majority have either improved existing relationships, ended dysfunctional relationships or been able to get into a new, better relationship.

One client remarked that after one technique he stopped thinking about an ex even though he had been thinking about her every day for the previous 5 years.

A recent client said that on the monday when she had seen a photo of a friend of her boyfriend who had flirted with him, she felt physically sick, after the session on tuesday, that evening she felt neutral about the photo. She is very happy and so is her boyfriend!

A recent client found the strength to end a relationship after it had got to the point of violence. Another client who had not been in a relationship for years, found a great new partner.
One client who had been in a relationship where his previous partner threatened to commit suicide is now married with children.
Some clients have been able to get into sexual relationships after previously being virgins or after abuse/rape.

Could your relationship be better? Would it be better for you if it ended? Do you want to heal your hurt so that you can be in a relationship again?

"I had just come out of difficult long term relationship and never thought that within 3 months I’d be ready to meet someone new, let alone fall in love, which is what has happened. I simply wouldn’t have been able to connect with someone if I had been feeling the way I was before treatment. – This client and his partner now have a much loved son."
Male client in his thirties 10/10/2000
"After our last session, I am still feeling great. I ended the relationship which I was in, as I just couldn’t be around someone so negative anymore. It was a hard thing to do, as I really loved him, but discovered that I wanted to be happy and didn’t want to be around people who drag me down with their negativity. Since then I have just been enjoying my life, I have realised how many great friends I have and I am in no rush to find another partner, as I now know that only I can make myself happy and I don’t need anyone else to do that"
Female client in her thirties

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