I can help you manage your stress

Stress is now recognised as becoming one of the biggest problems we, as human beings are having to deal with in the 21st century.

There are many stressful situations that we may have to deal with:-

  • Death of a family member/friend/pet
  • Illness
  • Losing your job
  • Divorce or split of a relationship
  • Moving home or school or job
  • Taking or failing exams or driving test
  • Pregnancy or birth of a child
  • Financial problems
  • Accidents
  • Burglaries or thefts

However, it is an accumulation of stressful situations where we are unable to function as we need to when it is time to look for support.

As a hypnotherapist I have supported many hundreds of clients in dealing with the stress in their lives.

  • Firstly, the relaxation employed in hypnosis is very beneficial in reducing stress levels.
  • Secondly, having an external view of a client’s life has often supported my clients in making the changes they need to make to reduce stress
  • And thirdly, there are some very powerful therapeutic techniques which help the client think, feel and behave in more empowering ways that automatically reduce stress.

Nicola helped me a lot with my stress and healed the collateral effects (asthma). I have always had great sessions with her, she has a great capacity for understanding and deduction to figure the problem out. She is very reliable and a keen person who cares about others much more than expected. Highly recommendable (male client in his forties)

Since completing my sessions with Nicola my stress levels have greatly reduced. My feelings and actions towards people in my life have seen a positive transformation. I am more accepting of myself and others, know myself better, feel happier and my closer relationships have seen a huge improvement. I am grateful that I chose to work with Nicola and value the time I spent with her. From my personal experience I feel extremely keen to recommend Nicola Dexter as a true professional within her field of expertise (female client in her thirties)