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I can help you reduce or eliminate depression to have a happier life

Depression is an extremely debilitating condition which affects how you think, feel and behave. Many people have gone through depression without seeking help,trying to cope or taking anti-depressants. However, there are some very powerful therapeutic techniques that can really make a difference in the depressed person’s quality of life.

The kinds of results I have had with my clients has either been the reduction of or elimination of the following:-

"When I first phoned Nicola for an appointment I was crying and so depressed. I felt so low and everything was going wrong. After six sessions seeing Nicola I feel better, am getting on with my life and don’t feel depressed anymore"
Female client in her twenties
"I needed to change my life but felt unable to do it. Since going to see Nicola Dexter, I feel much more positive and no longer get depressed. I think it has been beneficial because my life has definitely improved"
Male client in his twenties

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