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I can help you manage your anger

Anger is a significant and increasing problem, particularly when combined with stress.

Consequences of anger:-

Hypnotherapeutic techniques

Here’s how I can help you resolve the problem of too much anger:-

Want to feel less angry?

Here’s how I can help you resolve the problem of too much anger:-

"Are you and Angry Person? I was that angry person, thinking how am I going to carry on like this? Nicola Dexter helped me control and reduce my anger. If you need to stop going off the deep end every time someone upsets you, perhaps you should give her a call. I still get angry but react to the problem and then calm down instead of holding on to that anger. I tried other therapists and found them useless and a waste of money. I feel happier and I think I am a better person than I was. If you need help, don’t wait until it’s too late Thank you Nicola"
Male client in his thirties
"Would have been angry all the time – it was my normal state. I would shout at the children each day. I would try to be patient and then just snap. With others, I would be cold and withdrawn, even with my husband. During sessions with Nicola, we spent time healing my feelings and I also reran the techniques in my head at home. Since then I only shout at the kids occasionally when it is justified and I have a lot closer relationship with my husband. I am gradually starting to let other people in"
Female client in her thirties

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