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"I approached Nicola with a curious mind and interest in the field of spiritual hypnotherapy. Have previously completed sessions in a more traditional theory based hypnotherapy, I wanted to compare Nicola’s approach and see if it could have some positive impact. I was very pleasantly surprised and after feeling immediate comfort in the therapy room, falling into a relaxing state was very easy. The approach and feelings were very positive and it left me feeling far better with myself after the first session alone. I would recommend Nicola without hesitation"
Male client in his twenties
"I came across Nicola’s website on the internet and felt I had nothing to lose by booking in for her free consultation. We met and she explained her methods which, at first, seemed a bit alien but I kept an open mind. I’d had many bad experiences within a short period of time and needed help to manage my feelings and the process of recovery. On consultation, we also identified many other issues that bothered me and needed addressing; armed with my lengthy list, Nicola set to work! Two months and five sessions later, I feel so much better for having been treated by Nicola. Amazing changes have happened to me and those around me through the work we have done together. For everything you’ve done, thank you Nicola, you’ve been a gift"
Female client in her forties
"I came to Nicola feeling very stressed and anxious. My husband and I have been hoping to conceive a baby for quite some time. I had begun to feel very depressed each time I realised I was not pregnant. This meant I was not in a relaxed state at all and was putting a strain on our relationship. During my sessions with Nicola we worked through all the issues contributing to my stress and anxiety. Eventually my husband came to see Nicola which really helped us look at our relationship in a more positive light. Both my husband and I found Nicola’s direct and understanding approach extremely positive and calming. We now feel more optimistic about our future. Stop press – this client is now pregnant"
Female client – in her thirties
"My relationship with my dad has improved greatly. He talks to me and not at me and I don’t feel irritated when he is talking. In general I am less anxious, less stressed, less intense, less frustrated, less sad, not as lost and more confident"
Female client in her forties
"Two years after finishing counselling sessions for 6 months, I felt something more could be done to feel at peace with myself. I checked out spiritual healing, I’ve never been a firm believer in those other ways to heal but I thought I should give it a go. My path led me to Nicola Dexter and after a free 30 minute assessment, I agreed to have a few hypnotherapy sessions with her. The results on my wellbeing and happiness were immediate. After only three sessions of one hour each, I truly felt I reached a peaceful state of mind. Issues that were hurtful and bothering my everyday life pretty much vanished. Thanks to Nicola, I am happy again – thank you"
Female client in her twenties